What the lodge

Staying in a guest room allows you to spend holidays pleasant discoveries out of the impersonality of the usual tourist facilities, discover the charms of a region and soak up its customs.

You must keep in mind that in a guest room, you share a few hours or days, with a slice of daily life with the owner. That is why we invite you to enjoy all the living spaces available in user-friendliness and respect for privacy.

The owner agrees to personally ensure the reception guests with all the desirable attention.


To accommodate you as soon as possible, your home will be made the day of arrival from 5:00 until 8:00pm                                                                

Late arrivals (09:30 pm max) or early contrary, for example, to deposit luggage in order to visit the neighborhood more easily, are the subject of a prior agreement.


The last day departures are later than 11:00 am. We are not professionals in the hotel, we must have time to offer people who then reach the most welcoming accommodation possible.


Breakfast is served inside or outside the Pool House if time allows, between   8:30 y 10:00 pm.

The rooms

Rooms are non-smoking. It is asked not to have lunch there or to have dinner because tables and chairs are at arrangement on terraces and in the ward.
Visitors can also access the free Wifi. Illegal downloading is prohibited.

General provisions

The lodge regrets not being able to welcome the less than 16-year-old children. Minors, operating within the property are the sole responsibility of their parents.
Theft and accidents: the owner declines any responsibility in case of theft or personal injury occurred in the property.
For the comfort and tranquility of all, we regret that we can not accommodate pets.

The swimming pool

The swimming pool is accessible from 10am to 8pm. The owner reminds his guests of the lack of supervision of the pool. Its use is reserved only for members of the owner’s family and persons staying in a guest room. The use of the pool by the children is under the full supervision and responsibility of their parents. All games too noisy for other guests as well as any jet of objects are prohibited in and around the pool. Swimming pool users agree to use their own bath towels (room towels are not intended for use outside the rooms).


The owner is sensitive to the preservation of our planet and wants to contribute to the protection of the environment by minimizing the footprint of the operation of the host structure. Simple and low binding measures can do much. We count on you to:

  • avoid leaving lights on unnecessarily,
  • do not let the water flow during moderate showers,
  • A sorting is available at the output of the Lodge.

We thank you in advance for your understanding and your cooperation.